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About the Area:

The towns of Jay, Livermore, and Livermore Falls nestle in the valley carved by the Androscoggin River, situated at the heart of a vast recreational area. Each town exudes its unique charm but shares a rural essence, fostering close-knit communities with a small-town ambiance.

For generations, this valley has been renowned as an apple and dairy country, supplying markets as far as Boston since the early 1800s. Though small dairy farms have waned, traces of the region's agricultural heritage endure. It's a patchwork of hay and corn fields dotted with orchard-striped hills and signs inviting visitors to "pick your own!"

Livermore boasts a rich history tied to the influential Washburn family, renowned for producing senators, congress members, and other luminaries of the 19th century. Today, their ancestral home hosts the Washburn Norlands Living History Center, a national historic treasure where visitors can immerse themselves in the past.

North Jay is historically significant for its white granite quarries, which supplied the prized stone for iconic structures nationwide, including Grant’s Tomb. While quarrying has waned, the North Jay White Granite Quarry offers a glimpse into this legacy. Spruce Mountain Ski Slope also provides recreational opportunities to locals and visitors alike.

Livermore Falls is hailed as the valley's birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. Numerous mills harnessed the Androscoggin's power. Notable figures like Hugh Chisholm, who was associated with Thomas Edison, propelled the area's industrial growth. Today, Maine’s Paper and Heritage Museum commemorates this legacy.

Despite the ebb and flow of industry, the area's diverse and resilient population remains deeply connected to the land, embracing outdoor pursuits and cherishing the region's natural beauty. Unlike urban sprawls, the area has maintained its rural charm, offering a serene retreat without sacrificing convenience. While "BIG BOX" stores may be absent, essential amenities abound, with major ski areas and retail outlets just a short drive away.

The Jay, Livermore, Livermore Falls area Chamber of Commerce invites you to experience the heart of the Androscoggin River Valley and become part of its rich tapestry of history and community.


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